Oru Cup Holder

The only thing better than a cold drink on a hot day (or vice versa), is having one within easy reach any time you want it. The Oru Cup Holder is a convenient, easily attachable drink holding accessory for keeping your drink always within arms reach on the water. It will fit multiple-size cups or mugs so don't let thirst cut your trip short, stay hydrated, and keep on exploring.

Product Features

• Made from high quality UV proof plastic
• Holds from your favorite drink to thermos and glasses
• Perfect for holding fishing lures or storing handy tools
• Easily attachable accessory


Rail Mount:

For Haven TT

Adhesive Mount:

Fits all Oru Kayak models

Product Specifications

Package Includes:

1 x


1 x

StarPort Adaptor

1 x

M6 x 1" machine Screw