Oru Camera Mount

Remember the time you captured that amazing sunset while you paddled downstream? Of course you do because you've got the shots to prove it! This compact and lightweight camera holder will hold all your devices securely as you record your aquatic adventures. Keep that tripod at home. With the Oru Camera Mount's quick pop-and-go installation, you have all you need on the hull of your boat.

Product Features

• Made from high quality, waterproof and UV proof materials
• Adjustable with easy single-handed R-lock
• Light-weight and rigid
• Top Camera Mount Adaptor (removable)


Rail Mount:

For Haven TT

Adhesive Mount:

Fits all Oru Kayak models

Product Specifications

Package Includes:

1 x

Camera Mount Kit Pro R-Lock

1 x

UV stabilized engineering plastics

1 x

Stainless Steel Fasteners