Oru Shoulder Strap

Oru Kayak's super popular Inlet kayak already comes with a convenient carrying handle. But, if you prefer the convenience of a shoulder strap, they've got you covered. The Inlet Shoulder Strap frees your hands and comfortably carries your Inlet wherever you go. Built to be durable and weather-resistant, the Inlet Shoulder Strap makes toting your Inlet kayak even more convenient. If you prefer to have your Inlet shielded from the weather—you're in luck! The Shoulder Strap and Oru Inlet Pack are compatible.

Product Features

• Fully adjustable
• Durable
• Weather resistant
• Shoulder pad for added comfort


This product is compatible with all kayak models.

Oru Pack for Inlet

Product Specifications

Material: Nylon, Polyester
Dimensions: 20cm x 8cm (pad for strap)
Weight: 340g
Color: Black